We can provide Complete Engineering Services in following areas:

>>    Piping Engineering

(Piping Design, Stress Calculations, Isometrics, Piping Plans, BOQ etc)

>>    Mechanical Engineering

(Plants, Process Equipments, Boilers, Steel Structures, Vessels, HXs, etc including calculations & 2d/3d detail drawings)

>>    Process Engineering

(Line Sizing, Pump Sizing, Hydraulics of pipe network, Heat Transfer calculations, Valve & Equipment Sizing etc)

>>    Electrical & Instrumentation (I&C)

(Instrumentation selections, datasheets, Hook ups, Cable Trech, Control Room design, Controls, MCC Panel, Cable Selection and sizing, Motor selection, PLC, DCS, HMI, Workstation selection etc.)

With our partners, we provide high quality construction / fabrication services for our Clients.

  • Tanks, Equipments, Vessels, Storage Tanks for general, food as well as pharmaceutical industry.
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Waste Heat Boilers
  • Steel Structure, Piping, Sheds, Pipe Racks, Platforms & Ladders
  • Automobile Industry products can also be delivered including Paint Shop, Curing Shop etc.

We deal in all kinds of Stress Analysis including Heat and Mass Transfer and can provide client specific requirements with proper material selection and strengths considered..

  • General Stress Analysis FEA (Static Structural/Thermal)
  • Stress Analysis with ASME Sec I, Sec VIII-Div I & II criteria
  • Non-Liner or Transient Analysis
  • Creep, Buckling and Fatigue Analysis
  • Nozzles WRC 107/297 with FEA 

To resolve intricate process engineering problems, we utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics in order to model real-time simulations of process systems to attain accurate and realistic properties of fluids at complex contours or to study general proces behavior patterns for future enhancement and increased efficiencies.

  • CFD for any process equipment or system
  • FSI (Fluid Surface Interation) along with FEA
  • CFD with Heat Transfer
  • CFD for Industrial Ducts and large piping
  • Rigid Dynamic Simulations for dynamic systems


We provide General Construction services as per client's request

Engineering & Design

We provide 3D/2D Drawings & Models, Calculations & Specifications

Advance Stress Analysis

All kinds of Stress Analysis can be done on demand


We provide technical assistance and supervision on projects at site.


We can transform all your existing Plant & Equipment into complete 3D models.

CFD & Dynamic Simulations

We provide Computational Fluid Dynamics & Righid Dynamic Analysis  for our Clients

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Our Team

We are dynamic individuals eager to out perform our competitors by using latest technologies, experience and passion.

Salz Engineering - is determined to make a mark on local as well as international market with our state-of-the-art improvised design, engineering & advance analysis capabilities.

We are dedicated individuals determined to solve all kinds of engineering problems and deliver projects for our Clients.

We can deliver Basic Engineering & Detail Engineering services on specified deadlines and can provide consultation and assistance though-out the project timeline. Our experience in Boilers, Pipng, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Towers, Stacks, Columns, Separators, Skid Mounted units give us confidence. and strength to provide well engineered products.

We believe we can deliver much better than others as we are technology driven and put our experiences collectively in all our engineered products. Also we test our models and designs continuously to make them better than before. We do not leave our Clients un-attended even after closure of projects. We believe in a long term relationaship with our Clients.

We Say:

Listen to what our employees, partners and consultants have to say:

Saleem Shahzad

We believe we can elevate our engineering standards by utilizing latest technology, tools and softwares to deliver much accurate and realistic solutions to our Clients.

Shaharyar Tariq

I would like to transform Pakistani Industry into self reliance on various engineering challenges.

Salman Tariq

Our goal is to elevate the Engineering market with state-of-the-art products and provide our Clients with superior engineering services and consultations.

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